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Meet The Band!


Paul-Guitar+Lead Vocals

JR Hogan-Guitar

W-C-B's Roots.
We are from a town called Brick in NJ. We all lived there are whole live and there is not much to do there. We grw up with a whole bunch of bands from hardcore to punk to Emo. You know the "turn of the century" time. How we got to be W-C-B is a long story but I think you deresive to know.

Ok now this is a long story. It started with Kyle and Paul and another boy named Charlie. Now Charlie got a girlfriend and left so we picked up Randy from another band called "ADSOS"(They sucked!) After they played for a little while JR came in and we rocked the house. But anyway that is how we got started and there is a whole lot more to that but that is the short from. The good thing is that everybody is still friends.

118 Jordan RD
Brick NJ

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WCB NJ PUNK@aol.com