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Here Are Our Crazy Lyrics. Tell Us If You Have A Better Idea For A Song.

Same Shirt Same Face

Your minds like a shadow allways so far behind, influenced by others your a same to our own kind, one after another you colapse to disgrace, yeah the same shirt but why the same face? Pick your head up do't go crying to that place you dont belong Fight! Fight! Fight! and your still trying prove it to yourself that they're all wrong. They fight the fights they they can't win, wooooaaooa, Live in a world they can't live in.


Reptition is a word thats getting old thats getting old, Every one is the same or so I'm told or so I'm told.--Chours-- And I don't care if you think your better than me I just can't help to think thats who you want to be.-- But now the time has come for us to go for us to go, I need you to decide I need to know I need to know.


Laws are ment to keep us contained So we can't have more fun then they did. I hate when people tell me how to live. And I hate when people tell me that I'm just a kid. I have a right to speak my mind and I should choose the way to live my life Another day another law sometimes I wish I was born in another time--Chours--Tired of thinking what would it be like. If there wer'ent laws to control my life. My goal is simply to have fun. With out being yelled at by someone--Some guys sit in there rooms all day and think whats wrong with society. It can't be blamed on people that have a say so they place the blame on kids like me.


Life is hard, but its not impossible. You can have fun but your not unstoppable. Times get tough you think theres no one there but you'll always find those people that care. Growin up is a hard thing to do. Always thinking of things, then thinking them through.--Chours--Life can be fun when your outside playing with your friends. Jumping and hoping for this time not to end. But there are sad times where some good things go wrong. You have to put your chin up and you have to be strong. Never let fear get in the way of your dreams. You can pull through it no matter how hard it seems There are times when yo ufeel you've been stabbed with a knife. But you gotta get up...cause thats life--Listing to music layin down on my bed. Seeing all the ideas floting around in my head. Thinking of all the good and bad times I've had. When I seriously think hard,you know its really not that bad. You have to think about all of those families in need. The cards life deals them are a handfull in deed.

Govt. Song

I'm not putting the goverment down I just want ti to turn around. And the goverment tries to mold the people so they can hold them back in every single way--Chours--Why don't we stop these things? Why don't you tell m ethat the worlds falling apart. I'll take controll, I think I can hold the world all by myself--But when I try it all falls apart, and every time right from the start. When it goes it goes out the seems, and it allways happens to me. Happens in every single way


I want to sleep all day and sleep all night Sleep away my life, Sleep all day and sleep all night sleep away my life--I'm tired of me, and I'm tired of you. I'm tired of work and I'm tired of school. Life is such a boring mess, so I'll tell you what I want to do.

Shows About To Start

Something real that will never change, something that will stay the same forever, forever. The shows about to start.--The one with real jobs, the real life, and pain. You could make one move and your whole life will change. No mommy & daddy to look after you, Oh no what will you doooooo dooooo. Take all the problems of life and change, change them into something you'd like to arrange.


Well...I...Think I'm alone fighting in my cause, and I think I'm alone Running off the walls, and I think I'M alone standing out of place whay dont you get out of my face.(why should I care what the other people think and why should I be just like you and why should I wear what everyone wears, Why can't you be different too? So...I...Think I'm alone fighting in my cause, and I think I'm alone Running off the walls, and I think I'M alone standing out of place whay dont you get out of my face.